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Eco loving, people friendly & money saving...

Eco-loving, people friendly, money saving?! Yes, to all of the above.

Welcoming CEO of Halcyan water conditioners, Samantha Mant as our special guest to talk sustainability within her business!

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Sustainability - Episode 1

Verdn offers Sustainability-as-a-Service, letting companies attach environmental pledges to the products they sell. We chatted about the impact and importance of sustainability in business.

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Sustainability - Episode 2

Tumelo helps investment and pension platforms transform ESG into positive retention. We got to chat with Will about the importance of transparency and education in the niche sector, as well as their passion for sustainability.
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Sustainability - Episode 3

From running cars on clean energy and reducing the physical and material effort that goes into the industry, we tackle the problems and chat about how Gary aims to dent the issues through machine learning.
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Sustainability - Episode 4

Maanch’s incredible tech solutions help you deliver a more meaningful impact, understand and measure your efforts to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals like never before.

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Sustainability - Episode 5

Taking on the world issue and a huge passion of ours of single-use plastic, is Safia Qureshi, Founder, and CEO of Club Zero.

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Sustainability - Episode 6

Special guest Nadia Laabs joined by our host Guy Walker talk sustainability within fishing and how precision fishing is revolutionising the industry!

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Sustainability - Episode 7

Welcoming CEO of Halcyan water conditioners as our special guest to talk sustainability within her business!